Velladriana Ral

Height: 5’7″, Weight: 124 lbs.
Birthplace: Frozen Steppes, Lyndria
Preferred Ability: Unknown
Preferred Spell: Unknown

Vellandriana was born in the desolate, freezing land of Lyndria, in the northeastern corner of the Known Kingdoms. Daughter of Clan Chieftan Vendren Ral and Diora Ral, Velladriana had to learn to be strong from a young age. She grew up in a land conquered by the mighty Therak’onian Empire. 

         Smart, insightful and brave, she was destined to be a leader in the clan system of the frozen steppes. That was, however, until it was discovered that her family had broken the treacherous Law of the Second. With that, Velladriana was made a slave, and her life was turned upside-down.

         Now, the upheaval in her life continues. For reasons unclear to her, she has been taken from her homeland, heading west to lands completely foreign to her by slavers both cruel and unforgiving.

        Her true DESTINY will be revealed as she has the POWER within her to save the world, though only time will tell if that change will lead to SALVATION…or DESTRUCTION.