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Hey guys!

So, today I want to do a cool, quick thing about gaining a connection with animals, like how Mama Weaver connected to Peaches and Cream.

1.Let them adjust to their surroundings with you. Let them come to you. Don’t look like a threat, or too much like prey.
2.Give them food, so they come back. Stay patient.
3.When they do come back, approach slowly. Don’t be threatening or they will turn on you.
4.Give them a reason for them to want to be with you, whether it be small things like giving them food, or saving their life.
5.It is easiest to get them if they are in their early stages of life, as older ones seem to be more wary and experienced. Younger ones you can more easily train to love you.

Ok guys! That was a short post, but sweet post! If you find yourself in Tarune and want to have an army of mutant-wolves, here’s a good place to start!

I don’t suggest trying this in real life with any wolves, but it’d be cool to try in Tarune!

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