We honor our warriors today.


We honor the Veterans who have given so much for this country. Our freedom and way of life are assured because of their sacrifice.

They sacrifice their bodies, minds and souls for the the sake of the virtues that we hold dear. Our freedoms are self-evident, but have been earned through the fire of confrontation, the ultimate payment being made in blood.

Those warriors, male and female, who defend this glorious nation deserve to be honored. They enter battle without fanfare, poised to engage any and all threats. We write about monsters and demons in the fiction we create, our heroes bravely joining against them in battle. The dangers encountered in this world are all too real, and our warriors faces them with the resolve and determination that serve as the inspiration for the future heroes we get to create. Let us not forget that our freedom to create the worlds we envision are earned at the cost of those heroes who defend us in this world.

Thank you, our noble warriors, for all that you sacrifice for us.

Do you have any special warriors, family or friends, in your life?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.


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