What did you do this weekend? THE ORACLE LINE COMETH!

The world of Necromancers’ Pride was busy and in full effect this weekend. Instead of battling banderghals in the Nortgard Forest, or traversing the dangerous waters of the Stellid Ocean, we were in beautiful Sherman Oaks, CA, working on the photo shoot for our new Oracle Line.

That’s right, the Oracles who did so much to change the face of Tarune (What did they do? Well, you’ll have to read the books to find out!) now have their own line of Pridewear. Trust us, the gear is as magical as the Oracles on which it is based.

We will be dropping some amazing new pics very soon. Until then, let us give you a little taste, right now.

white and black NP snapback

What do you think of the first taste of the Oracle Line?

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