What is the Caredon Cycle?


I have been asked to shed some light on the Caredon Cycle and how it affects the world of Tarune. Well, that would take quite awhile and would reveal plot points that will be developed as the story continues to grow. However, in order to shed what light I can without revealing too much, I will give you a brief synopsis of the Caredon. To do so, here is a quick recap of magic in Necromancers’ Pride and how it affects the world.

The Strands of the Magics:  The world of magic is a mysterious and complex place that is not only controlled by the energies of universe, but also by the rules of nature.  There are four basic strands of magic in which the powers of both energy and nature can be channeled. These strands create the foundations for Necromancers, Oracles, Battle Magi and Healers, along with the sub schools that fall within each group of Magi.  The Strand of the Transcendental, from which are spawned the Necromancers.  The Strand of the Metaphysical, from which the Oracles hail.  The Strand of Evocation, from which the Battle Magi develop. The Strand of Perception and Balance, from which the Healers originate.  Since the apocalypse of the Mourning Night, all the Strands of the Magics have suffered greatly.  Today, there are far fewer Magi in the Known Kingdoms than ever before in recorded history.  As a result of the lowering of numbers, some Magi have now become extremely powerful, as there are fewer Magi to sap the magical energies from the environment and each other.

Tarune is the name of the planet on which the Known Kingdoms are located. The core of the planet Tarune is made of dense crystal. As with the precious metals of this world, the crystal of Tarune’s core has, through intense pressure, formed the perfect jewel. This Jewel radiates with the energies of the universe. It absorbs the energies from the universe while acting as a conduit for them, releasing them throughout the planet. It is these energies from which the Strands of the Magics draw their power.

The Caredon Cycle: This 1000-year cycle controls the ebb and flow of the Life Spark of the Magics that the crystal core of the Planet Tarune radiates. This cycle is as natural as is the effect of the pull of Tarune’s moon, Epsis, on its tides and oceans. The cycle was documented by the Philosopher and Oracle Caredon in the First Age, more than 3500 years ago. He and his contemporaries noticed the odd patterns and failings of the magics as the millennium in which they lived drew to a close. It was not until the close of the next millennium that his hypothesis and prophecies were confirmed. Those prophecies were proven true and still affect how the Caredon is viewed. As Caredon was the first to observe the peculiarities the magics exhibited, his is the name that now defines the phenomenon.

The Caredon Cycle is basically the planet’s method of realigning its magical essence. Magical energy is directly connected to the environment in the world of Tarune, which is why precious metals and gems, among other substances, can acquire, retain and redirect magical energies. Every thousand years, the planet needs to reset its magical compass. Any and all deficiencies or impurities that have magically befallen the planet are cleared, thus allowing a fresh beginning for magical usage and constructs. The Caredon Cycle affects magic, which in turn affects the very elements themselves. Natural disasters from floods to earthquakes to hurricanes become far more prevalent as the cycle reaches its peak. Many magical scholars of the current age believe the flow of the magics is growing weaker, accounting for the drop off in the numbers of Magi on Tarune as compared to past millennia. Though Magi cannot account for their diminishing numbers, they feel the flow of the Life Spark of the Magics is as strong, if not stronger, than ever. The Magi believe that there are just less people worthy to harness the energies.

The Caredon Cycle is now approaching its peak. With it will come new challenges and questions to be answered. The last peak was punctuated by the apocalypse of the Mourning Night. Only time will tell what will mark the approaching peak of the current Caredon Cycle.

D.W. and I hope this has shed some light on the subject. To learn more, keep turning the pages of Quest for Elderstone and Tides of War. Look out for book 3: Storm of Shadows, later this year, where even more will be revealed.

How do you like the usage of magic in the world of Necromancers’ Pride?

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