What is the power of “How?”


To be or not to be… is not really the question anymore. It is a great question, don’t get me wrong, and of course it is phrased brilliantly (thank you, Sir William), but it is not the question.

How is.

How do we? How can we? How should we? As in..how do we reach the next level in our endeavors, artistic and business? Sidebar: I think business interests and artistic interest are one and the same, but that is a point of conjecture for another time. How can we get our writing, movies, music, artwork, photographs, etc. to the masses? How should we deal with setbacks and shortcomings?

How? That is the question.

D.W. and I have just had a very long, heartfelt and heated conversation about that very question. Not heat in terms of anger, mind you – although, let’s be honest, D.W. could stand to chill out a bit –  but heat in terms of passion. If you are reading this, odds are good you have the passion for your own creativity, but do you have the “how?”

I guarantee you, Kanye has the “how?” What about T Swift, does she have the “how?” You’d better believe it. Beast Mode, Angelina Jolie, LeBron James, Hugh Jackman, Hillary Clinton, George R.R. Martin, Beyonce, Chris Pratt, Heidi Klum, all of them have the “how?”

How is the question you must ask in order to succeed. How opens the doorway to invention by giving you a question predicated upon action. How requires movement, it requires forward thinking, it requires initiative. Do not live in the “if.” Live in the “how.” How opens avenues to activity. Once the how is in motion, everything is sure to be affected by its energy.

How do we expose more people to the magic and adventure of Necromancers’ Pride? How can we better interact with our fans? How should we move with purpose into the future?


How lets you believe that there is an answer. Everything is possible, and its catalyst is…how? We are working with the power of how. I entreat you to do the same. Don’t ask, “If?” If implies the possibility that it cannot be done. If gives you an out. Instead, ask, “How?” You can do anything. It is just a matter of “how.”

How do we bring more of the magic to you?

This is your community. Share with us.


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