What’s gotten Aragorn fired up!?! Intro Face-off!

Meet Aragorn. Yeah, you heard it correctly…Aragorn. You mean like…? Yes, we mean like… Lord of the You Know What, Aragorn. Awesome name for an awesome young man.

We are glad to present our inaugural Necromancers’ Pride intro face-off. Over the next few days, you will get to see some of the great intros that we’ve shot. Who knows, you may even get a special visit from yours truly. So, this is my shameless plug to get your pity vote. I’m not above that. I have no shame.

Starting tomorrow, two more videos will go head-to-head in a match-up for ultimate video supremacy! Ha! Ha! Ha!

You can start with Aragorn’s here. Check out his intro.

Sure, Aragorn gets an extra day to garner votes, but he is a little guy, and can use the extra help. Hey, did I tell you about me? See…I have no shame. I don’t care how little you are, son. I’m coming for you!

Anyway, make sure you go to our Facebook page and like the video or videos that are your favorites. Also, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for all the latest news and your shot at free gear. We will let you know the winner of the face-offs the week after next.

So there you go. Get out there and vote, interact and share your opinions with us.

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