What’s your ‘This Year’s Resolution?’

And … we’re back. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. If you survived Black Friday, I hope the deals you got were certainly worth it. There was lots of great football to watch over the course of the weekend. You have to love rivalry week. If you are a fan, I hope you were on the winning side of your respective rivalry. I, for one, have only two words to say about that:


There, now I am done gloating. So, we are back to work. Well met on this road we travel once again. I am excited about the prospects for this week. December marks the end of 2013, and for some, there is the feel of letting off the gas, as it were, and coasting through the rest of this year. I for one, feel the exact opposite. Now is the time we should make our greatest push. This is the time when we need to establish for ourselves the habitual states of activity that will push us into the new year.

Why wait for a resolution to kick you into gear? We should be resolute in our desire to succeed far before January 1st. Hmmm, what else is coming in January? Let me see … tip o’ the tongue … ah, yes, that’s right! Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone releases in January 2014. Whew, glad I remembered that one.

D.W. and I are fully into work mode. We want to put this out there to let you know that we are continuing to craft the story, and that you should do the same. Now, we are not going to be so bold as to tell you what to do (well, I’m not, at least … but telling people what to do is ingrained in D.W.’s DNA), but it is time to work.


So, last month of 2013. Let us make it the best month of 2013. Make a ‘This Year’s Resolution,’ as opposed to a ‘New Year’s’ one.

We are here to keep you motivated, because in so doing, we motivate ourselves.

What goals do you want to see accomplished before the end of the year? What tips do you have to share for us who want to finish this year with a bang?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.


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