Omar K. Mills & Ski-ter Jones

I, Omar never intended to write a book. I wanted a graphic novel and eventually an animated show. I still want those things, HOWEVER, when I got done with season 4, I realized I was probably sitting on 3 books, and enough characters to spawn several more. I called my man Ski-ter and told him, “I’ve taken this as far as I can and I need you to do your Bill Finger work”. Bill Finger was the TRUE GENIUS behind Batman. Bob Kane invented him, but Bill Finger made him cool. Anyway, Ski-ter said are you sure, and I was like BRUHHHHH, we laughed as we usually do when we talk and then we got to work on writing book one. This is truly a dream of a 15-year old kid, who would take Xerox paper from my moms office to draw comic books. Fast forward to an audio drama that reached 7 continents as of today. To you the reader/listener, THANK YOU for taken this amazing journey with me and my BEST friend.

I, Ski-ter am a man of few words. (BUAHAHAHA) not true. HOWEVER, growing up in comic book land, stories of daring adventures in faraway places with action and romance inspiring me to dream bigger and reach farther. Those stories still inspire me today. I LOVE what I do and I know that my SUPERPOWER is telling a captivating story. In joining forces with O, it’s been rewarding and fulfilling. Hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed writing it. So get to it.

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