Checking for success.

Tuesdays after a holiday are always interesting. The week is already underway, yet it seems like it is just getting started. Getting started is the hardest part, sometimes. We have all of these ideas and goals, which at the time they were conceived probably seemed like pure genius to us. Then, slowly, the pull of that great epiphany of clarity wanes, leaving us free to imagine and create another great goal, yet no closer to actually ever achieving one.

I mention this because I was reflecting on all that D.W. and I have thus far been able to accomplish. Write a novel…check. Publish the novel…wait, what did the beta readers say? Oh right, beta readers. Beta readers liked it…check. Now, publish the novel…wait, got to edit it first. What? OK, edit the novel…check. Marketing plan…check. Illustrations…check. Work developing book two (Tides of War)…check.


Yes…now, publish the novel…CHECK!


Here’s the thing, our work is just beginning, and that is the best part! We love what we do. Every step and goal we have been able to check off of our list (truncated due to space, our to-do list is a mile long) has been accomplished because we did one simple thing…start it.

One decision does not in itself dictate the future. Accomplishments are made when we come to the next step and take it. At any number of stages, we could have stopped. First time authors, it’s too hard, it takes too much time…there were always excuses. However, we kept starting on the next step.

Now, as we continue to develop book two in the Necromancers’ Pride saga, Necromancers’ Pride – Tides of War, we will have many new ideas and goals to set before us. We move forward boldly, always remembering that we are here because we had the courage to start.

As we head into this abridged week, let us all take the next step on seeing our dreams become reality.

What new idea or goal would you like to accomplish? What are you waiting for?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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