Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Fury Skull


Spells: Fury Skull

Strand: Necromantic

School: Soul

Primary component minerals: Ground bone laced into the spell caster’s skin

Application: Destruction

Fury Skull is a powerful offensive evocation in the Necromancers’ arsenal. As with virtually all Necromantic spells, the power derived for the incantation is from the soul of the caster. The spell focuses the energy of the caster into the shape of dark, screaming skulls that glow with the magical power. These skulls, which have been seen conjured as large as two feet in diameter, launch from the hands of the Necromancer and crash into their enemies with devastating effect. The energy of a Fury Skull can destroy not only physical material such as flesh, metal and wood, but also scorches the soul, burning the victim from the inside out, as well as from the outside in.

As with most of the Necromantic casting, the spell can ravage the mortal body of the Magus utilizing the magics for this spell. The Necromancers found a morbid and dark way of sparing their mortal shells from the effects of the spell. They mastered the way to infuse the ground ashes and bones of the dead into their own living flesh. Those Necromancers that survive this painful and taxing process are then able to cast Fury Skull with far less damage to their corporeal form.

Beware the Necromancers who are strong enough to wield the magics to cast this spell, for death follows in their wake.

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