Storm of Shadows is ONE week away!

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LET THE FANFARE BEGIN!!! Shout it from the mountains and sing it from the rooftops.


The art is in place. The edits have been made. The characters are poised for battle and the clock is ticking. It has been such an incredible journey thus far, and we have you to thank for it. Without you, our fabulous readers, there would be no world of Tarune (well, there actually would be, but no one would know about it). So, thank you so much.

And just to whet your whistle and get you ready for next Tuesday, here is a little tidbit from the first chapter of Storm of Shadows: The Median. We hope you enjoy it.


Crispin opened his eyes, turning to stare pointedly at Velladriana. His demeanor was markedly different. It was not he who was looking at her.

“You are the one destined to save this world from the ravages of death,” he said with a voice that was not his own. Deep and resonant, it vibrated with heavy bass and carried the weight of true power. “That is why. You will unite life on this plane of existence with the energies of the planes beyond. Through you, the Necromantic energies will create a true life, eternal life: a new race of beings, a stronger race. Eternal life, unending glory. You are the Pride. Your destiny is to usher this race of beings into existence, a people who will live as beyond death, immortals with limitless potential. Only the Necromancers can see this reality into existence. Join with us. That is your duty. That is why!”

Crispin reached his hand out to her. His eyes held the fire of belief. He was a zealot speaking a master’s truth. Velladriana’s eyes grew wide with fear. She felt the pull once again. It was the very pull that drew the Necromantic magics from her. She felt the need to give into it and did all she could to fight off the feeling.

“Release him!” Laycindial roared.

Though still her voice, she issued the command with a force Velladriana had never heard. Velladriana clung to that strength. It was the only thing that kept her from giving in to the Necromantic call.

“Come to us,” the voice spoke through Crispin’s mouth.

It did not relent. It seemed to be growing stronger. Laycindial uttered a spell and a bolt of white light shot from her hands and struck Crispin fully in the chest. He screamed in agony. Velladriana screamed in fear. Crispin turned his gaze upon Laycindial and reached out his hand to her. Laycindial felt a pull, a tugging at her very soul. It was all she could do to keep control.

“Velladriana,” she called. “Pull the magics back. It is the only way. Pull the magics back!”

Excerpt ~ Necromancers’ Pride – Storm of Shadows

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