Striving for New Horizons

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We are taught at a young age to strive for new horizons. I find that turn of phrase interesting as, in point of fact, there is really only ever that one that we see. Perception is the thing that changes. That distant sight line switches because of our location in relation to it. It is new for us because we bring a constantly shifting point of view to it. Our horizons change based on the changes we make in our lives.

On Tuesday we touched on that very theme: change. I wanted to harken back to that in today’s post, as the horizons for Necromancers’ Pride are most assuredly changing. As I stated Tuesday, change is not always easy. Again, I reiterate the fact that it is not a bad thing. It forces us from our comfort zones. It sends us to places where our creativity meets with our talent, bringing out the best in ourselves.

Yesterday, D.W. and I were discussing some interesting and truly amazing new horizons for Necromancers’ Pride. We are reaching for goals that are unique. We are defining what it is that we truly see as our mission in building this world and bringing it to life.

How do the horizons on Tarune meld with the horizons here on Earth?

We have some exciting answers to that question. We will be revealing them very soon. So, in the meantime, as we stretch for our new horizons, we thank you for coming along with us. We are growing, evolving, changing. Just as the picture of the banner above demonstrates, we are stretching beyond the confines of the printed page. We are striving for new horizons that will bring Tarune even closer to you.

What horizons are there for which you strive? This is your community. Share with us.

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