Terridous the BOLD

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 159 lbs.

Birthplace: Nortgard Mountains, Aldara

Preferred Weapon: Spell casting

Preferred Spell: Fireball

Wisdom, it is said it comes with age. In the case of Terridous the Bold, attitude also comes with age … bad attitude, and a lot of it. A powerful Battle Magus, Terridous earned his moniker, ‘the Bold,’ because of his brazen acts of lawlessness as a smuggler up and down the western coast and northern stretches of the Known Kingdoms. So reckless and daring he was in several of his more notable heists that even the most unscrupulous and dastardly of smugglers, rum-runners and scoundrels avoided Terridous and his bold and aggressive ways. Terridous the Bold became a name that was indeed well earned.

His years of evading the law came to an end in the northern Kingdom of Aldara. Captured while engaging in more of his typically nefarious activities, Terridous the Bold now finds himself captured by Corwyn and Wren, two Oslyn charged with taking him to the prison camps in Tanner’s Landing. Well, they may call themselves Oslyn, though Terridous insists that they are just young pups playing at being warriors. What does the future hold for Terridous the Bold and his two young captors? What mysteries does the aged Magus hide behind his weathered stare?

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