The Known Kingdoms: Canodria

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Kingdom of Canodria

Government: Monarchy

Current Ruler: King Forlmorlaine

Climate: Mild to alpine

Population: 4 Million

Canodria is one of the richest kingdoms in all the Known Kingdoms. Not only does Canodria boast extensive gold, silver and mineral mines, but its vast and differing climes give it claim to much natural beauty. The Burnt Mesas tower formidably in the southwest, while the mighty River Ennin crashes weaves its powerful course throughout the whole of the country, splitting it in twain. The Locksdale Foothills in the east roll gently, and the flat lands open to beautiful white sand beaches in the south. The one scenic blot on the kingdom is the waste of the Kerathic Plains, where the land was permanently scarred to arid ruin in the battle of the Mourning Night. The haunted ruins of Kerath a stark reminder of that awful event.

Canodria’s cities are well developed and stand as models of modern civil engineering. From Dun Sparrow to the capitol of Medlin, each city is well designed and constructed. Canodria is known as the Cradle of the civilized world. Wise King Forlmorlaine even brokered a deal with the mighty Necromancers to ensure that his kingdom would have the benefit of their power. Though the presence of the Necromancers has grown troublesome in recent years, due in no small part to the attacks against them by Maars the Lector, they maintain a fragile peace with the government.

Canodria’s military is strong, both its army and naval forces are among the most well provisioned and trained in the kingdoms. They need that strength, as many kingdoms are covetous of Canodria’s riches. When in the Known Kingdoms, no trip would be complete without sampling the varied and amazing offerings of Canodria, the cradle of the civilized world.

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