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The Known Kingdoms: Daldra

Kingdom of Daldra Government: Feudal system on brink of civil war Current Ruler: Various noble houses vie for power. Climate: Mild/Temperate climate. Harsh winters in the east. Population: 2.9 Million Want to get away for a quiet, bucolic setting in beautiful forests? Look no further than the Kingdom of Daldra. With the marjority of the relatively peaceful Sheltered Forest […]

Tarune: The Known Kingdoms

  The world of Necromancers’ Pride is on the planet of Tarune. The Necromancers’ Pride Saga itself takes place in the Known Kingdoms. The Known Kingdoms are defined as those countries, principalities and territories that lie west of the Great Rift. The Rift itself is a scar torn into the fabric of magic and time, gashed […]

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