5 Caiya saying

Height: 5’10”

Weight: Incorporeal

Birthplace: Carod Mountains, Aldara

Preferred Weapon: Vibratory Spear

Preferred Spell: Temporal Displacement

Before the splintering of the magics into the four main Strands that today govern the control of the magical energies, all Magus came from one unified Strand, the School of Universal Concord. In this unified Strand, all the magics worked in concert and harmony with one another. Necromantic energies merged seamlessly with Oracle magics, while Battle Magi and Healers could hardly be differentiated from one another. In this “golden age” of the magics, amazing accomplishments were made through sorcery and the manipulation of mystical energy. At this time, all Magi were also mighty warriors, not merely the ones gifted with the power to harness the destructive forces that the Battle Magi wield exclusively in this age.

Into this grand time was born a Magus gifted with immense ability, with a propensity for controlling the flow of Oracle vibrations. Though many of the ancient texts have been destroyed over time, and the histories are hazy as to what is fact and what is myth, the stories known of the Magus Caiya all speak of a powerful being. Gifted with the Sight to divine future events, it was said that Caiya did much to translate and define the ancient prophecies that speak of the Pride. Caiya was also said to be able to manipulate the Oracle magics to such a degree that she could control time itself. She was one of only a handful of Magi gifted with such abilities. Unfortunately, time is a commodity that is now running out, for Caiya, the Pride, and all the goodly creatures of Tarune. Who exactly is this mysterious entity? What is she sacrificing to find the Pride? Will she be able to reach the Pride in time to balance the universal energies that the Necromancers seek to control?

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  1. Darina P says:

    Hey Charles, Darina Parker, I just interviewed with you a few hours ago. I made it home and I wanted to check out your book! It’s extraordinary! I haven’t seen everything yet, but I will say I absolutely adore the Story Weaver avatar of you! Ha! That’s good stuff! Well, i wanted to say hi and thanks again for today!

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