HOW TO be Inspired!

Hey guys!

So today I will do another “How to”. This one will be How to be Inspired.

1. Do something you love. Whether that be chilling with a pet, watching a rom-com, listening (or playing) music, do something that sets the tone for whatever you will do.

2. Relax. Get in your zone! If your room is your comfort zone, the chill in it! (Mine is totally messy so right now it is not.)

3. Be productive! Doodle, go for a jog or clean; do something that will take your mind off of whatever you want to accomplish. Don’t forget it later, though!

4. Have a fresh-faced prospective. After procrastinating, when you return to your project, it seems like everything is new and ready to be done! (I use this when doing puzzles (such as sudoku), homework and essays.

5. Have a snack! Not one that will make you feel down, though! Something like tea, popcorn, or guac!

That’s it for now guys! Be inspired! Stay posted!


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