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BIG change is coming!

Hi. Do you remember last week when I made mention of big things on the horizon? Well, that foreshadowing was nothing to the possibilities that have most recently begun to weave themselves into reality. Change, as we all know, is the one guaranteed constant in our perception of the universe. As beings, we grow, we […]

A Caravan of Fun!

Blog – The R’Engen Caravan Hello Everyone! Today; a shorter blog about a caravan that spreads joy and entertainment through the Known Kingdoms. The R’Engen Caravan is from The Talustrian Isles. Once a year, they tour Tarune and perform fantastic acrobatics and mystical magical shows for all to see. Nobles, framers, beggars, and all are […]

How do we make ourselves better?

Happy Friday, everyone. Life comes at you in the most interesting and, often, unexpected of ways. As a warrior of some noble and exotic class, you expect to be tested on the battlefield. As a magic-user, it is the enchantment of gaining mastery over some arcane spell that tantalizes the mind. Rouges carouse with street toughs […]


  Hey guys! So today, since I’m tired, I’m going to be giving you guys a post on how to fall asleep fast! I haven’t used some of these methods the past few days so I’m going to hope it works tonight! Steps: 1. Focus on your breathing. In, out, in, out. 2. Or you […]

The Widow Watcher (Part II)

Blog – The Widow Watcher Part 2   Holla everyone and welcometh backeth!   Today is the conclusion of The Widow Watcher. Let’s go! We last left off where Natalia discovered the name of the gang that which killed Jaimes. She wanted to ensure that the murderous and barbaric clan would eternally pay for their […]

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