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Epic Fantasy: The Sword of Shannara

From the master, Terry Brooks, we give you The Sword of Shannara – with the ORIGINAL cover! Many a summer afternoon did I spend immersed in the pages of this amazing series. Now, with The Shannara Chronicles TV series, an entire new generation of fans can come to love the story made famous in these […]

Lightning Book Review: Graceling

Graceling is an amazing book. “How good?” Well, I’ll tell you here. I know your time is of a premium. So, I won’t waste any of it. Get in, get out, get the facts and learn about a great book in the process. Here is my lightning review of GRACELING. What did you think? This […]

A Favorite from WAY BACK!

The Dragonlance Chronicles. Just the name brings back nostalgic recollections of junior high afternoons with nothing to do but laze about in the warm California sun, settle into my backyard hammock, and be taken on journeys of magic and adventure. Yes, indeed, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman crafted an amazing experience in those three initial […]

Must See Fantasy: Shadowhunters-The Mortal Instruments

I’ve read the books and absolutely loved them. I tip my hat to Cassandra Clare, an amazing author and storyteller. Here in the world of Necromancers’ Pride, we find inspiration across many genres, television included. Now, Cassandra Clare’s¬†bestselling novels have been adapted into a television series. Learn more about it here! What do you think? […]

What’s YOUR favorite?

As authors and storytellers, D.W. and I have myriad influences that have contributed to who we are and how we view and relate to the world. In the world we have created, the world of Necromancers’ Pride, once again, there are many influences on how we envisioned it and brought it to life. I would […]

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