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Caiya’s Blog: Necromancers’ Pride meets the Modern World (Part V)

There are so many incredible characters in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. Trying to pick just one to focus on can be difficult. This week, though, it was pretty easy. You see, I want people to understand that fashion doesn’t just belong to the good guys. Sometimes, it is good to be bad…just don’t tell […]

Tips for fighting FEAR.

  Fear, it is a powerful emotion. It can disable you, literally. It can incapacitate you physically and mentally. As a storyteller, it can allow that most insipid of feelings to play prominently in your mind, that feeling being doubt. You doubt yourself, you doubt your work, you doubt your ability to create. However, fear […]

What strikes you as inspiring?

What inspires you to move forward? Inspiration is a matter of moments. That sudden, giddy rush of clarity that lets you see the next step in your plan is an amazing sensation. It needn’t be straightforward, either. Looking at a picturesque sunset at your favorite beach can unlock the doors to the perfect conclusion to […]

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