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HOW TO deal with change.

Hey guys! Change is coming! Spring is near, the birds are screaming (chirping), and flowers are blossoming. As all of those great events are happening in nature, in my life and quite possibly yours, change is definitely coming, too. Today my post is dealing with change. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the post! How to deal […]

Our place in the universe.

What’s up, Priders?! Jason here! Today I wanted to share a short essay as to what I think about the universe. I have recently been studying transcendentalism and this is my interpretation of the overall reflection and impact it has had on my life. Transcendentalism is a very inspiring mentality. It trains our minds and […]

Jason’s Blog: Where do you find your peace?

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Today I’d like to talk about something peaceful, something majestic, and something glorious. Nature. Imagine yourself in a small clearing out in a thick and dense forest. The wildlife vibrates with energy that makes you feel like you are one with them. The branches on the big edifice-like trees stretch out […]


Height: 5’6″ Weight: 123 lbs. Birthplace: Tanner’s Landing, Aldara Preferred Weapon: Bow Special Ability: Musician It is not an easy thing, growing up in the wild and rugged country of the northern frontier of Aldara. The outskirts of the mighty Nortgard Forest are unforgiving at the best of times. The bucolic beauty and stunning vistas of […]

Introducing Rogen

Ah, the noble sidekick. Frodo had Samwise. Harry Potter had two, Hermione and Ron. Batman had Robin. Maverick had Goose (poor Goose). Heck, even Jay had Silent Bob. Literature and pop culture are rife with examples of the one-two combination that deliver not only excitement, but the humanity of perspective. Heroes and their companions let […]

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