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Attributes of a strong KNIGHT.

What makes a good knight? Moreover, what separates a good knight from a great one. Logan and I were having a discussion about the importance of different qualities in people, and as in most things, the conversation merged reality with pretend and fantasy. Hey, he’s 8, whatever is needed to keep up interest, right? Well, […]

Caption This: Photo Contest!

OK, let’s have a little fun, shall we? Like us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and come up with your best caption for the picture above. Be creative, be fun and of course, be clean. Monday the 26th , we will pick our favorite caption and give the winner a Necromancers’ Pride T-shirt! That’s right, we’ve got Necromancers’ Pride […]

Caiya’s Blog: Casting Choices

All righty, then. Let’s get this show on the road with the cast. I want to post a variety of posts and we can’t linger on a particular subject forever! So! With that, let’s get started. I have a lot more ideas about casting, but I want to mix things up a bit. So, next […]

Caiya’s Blog: Favorites

Favorites What are your favorites? In worlds like Necromancers’ Pride, there are weapons, tons of awesome characters, awe-inspiring places, supreme magic, and tons of fighting. What are your favorites in terms of: • Weapons • Characters (hero, villain, or pedestrian) • Places (could be in the real world or fake) • Magic • Fighting style […]

Villains are people, too.

What is it that truly captures our hearts and minds when it comes to storytelling? Well, you have to have a great plot. You need to engage readers with interesting locations and colorful descriptions. You also need enough twists and turns to keep the readers on their proverbial toes. However, the bottom line most important […]

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